We are coffee growers with high capacity, multiple small batch coffee roasting and packaging facilities,
a full service marketing department, and state of the art cupping lab.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create value for our customers by using the highest quality green coffee and roasting it to order to ensure maximum freshness,to provide customers with the very highest level of service, and to create value through innovative marketing.

Our Goals:

  • To develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our Private Label and Distributor-Partners
  • To create sustainable business relationships where each stakeholder benefits
  • To leverage the use of knowledge and technology to achieve shared goals
  • To use innovation as a driver for competitive advantage.

We offer:

  • Fresh, superior quality gourmet coffee beans
  • Attractive packaging
  • Crossover appeal: Specialty Coffee Consumers / Upscale Hispanic Consumers
  • High volume small batch roasting – regional roasting facilities
  • Fast efficient order processing and delivery (EDI Capability)
  • UPC codes and / or retail price labels where required by law
  • Promotional support
  • Returns for damaged or unusable product.

AIB Food Safety Certified • CCOF Organic Certified

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